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I specialize in articles that focus on horses, health, and history. I follow curiosities, obsessions, and untold stories hidden beneath the surface. I strive for compelling imagery on the page with the intention of sparking a reader’s own reflection about the Horse.

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Whether my research is science-based, historical, or personal narrative, I love to dig deep into a story to find gems of knowledge for the readers. Qualitative and quantitative medical studies, primary historical documents like letters and photographs, and memoir inform the frame of my equine writing.

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I facilitate courses on the role of the horse on the page. I introduce students to memoirs about the ways horses heal the physical bodies, the emotional spirit, and how the horse can be our mirror on the page.

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The mission of Equi-Libris, LLC is to educate, inspire, and document distinctive narratives about Horses, Health, and History that highlight the relevance of equines in the 21st century.

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Equi-Libris, LLC is a culmination of connecting my love of horses with my passion for language and storytelling. Equi-Libris is an endeavor of a late bloomer, or dare I say, a woman writing the second chapter of her life.

I spent twenty-plus years in the rough and tumble world of politics, but nearly all of my life lessons were taught to me by the horse, lessons that often fall on deaf ears in the political world.

Misty, a Welsh Cob mare with a barrel and an attitude of a very, very naughty Thelwell pony taught me to suspend judgment and assumption of others. Dino, a neglected and abused gelding, rescued me from grief. Wallero, the first horse I owned as an adult, reminded me that sometimes unexpected ends are for the best. And D’arcy, my forever horse continues to teach me how to dig deep into the well of courage inside me.

Read about the horse characters that have shaped my life.

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