HIPICO owners announce sale

COVID restrictions disrupted equine businesses and forced many to close. In New Mexico, HIPICO Santa Fe’s owners announced plans to sell the destination equestrian even center. Owners Brian Gonzales and Guy McElvain, both native to the state, failed to reach an arrangement with their leader, allowing the business to recover financially. The owners bought the facility intending to turn it into an A-rated hunter, jumper, and dressage competition venue. Though the future of HIPICO is uncertain at the time of this posting, the Santa Fe Summer Series is currently scheduled to take place July 21-August 15, 2021, if permitted to take place under New Mexico public health orders.

Famed for its art, opera, and homegrown spicy green chilies, equestrian excellence returned to New Mexico to annually host the Santa Fe Summer Series. Located on the southwestern tip of Santa Fe with a clear view of the volcanic formed Jemez Mountains, the 137-acre HIPICO Santa Fe complex hosted over five hundred horses and riders for three weeks premiere hunter-jumper competition.

The highlight show jumping event is the Grand Prix. Soaring fences, intricate courses, and speed, none of which is for the faint of heart, tests the mettle of both horse and rider. Sunday afternoons, Grand Prix days drew the curious locals and passionate followers of the sport. The first week’s results awed seasoned riders and spectators alike and wrote another chapter in horse history.

In 2015, I had the pleasure of profiling HIPICO in Horse and Style magazine. Over the period of one week, I explored the grounds, witnessed Grand Prix jumping and hunter over fences classes, and spoke with participants. The feature article is on page 102 in the October/November 2015 issue of the Horse and Style magazine. Click on the link to access the archived issue of Horse and Style Magazine.