An independent revolution in the equine publishing industry takes hold

Are you a horse person with a story to tell? Do you dream about publishing a book as much as landing a flying lead change or completing an endurance race?

Closet equine writers, it’s time to come out of the creative shadows. Independent publishing revolutionized how books are created, published, and read.  A corral of equine writers is blazing new trails.

“Works of fiction or even nonfiction have been considered too niche by some of the big mainstream publishers,” says award-winning equine author Carly Kade of Phoenix, Arizona.

Meet the equine independent publishing pioneers Carly Kade, Heather Wallace, Susan Friedland, Merri Melde, and Anna Blake in my article about independent equine publishing in the October issue of Horse Illustrated.

These remarkable women are upending the publishing industry across the country. From romance to grief, from endurance to courage, the stories of these women will inspire and motivate you both in the saddle and on the ground.

Check out my new article, The Road Less Traveled in Features, and the newly launched website, The Bookstore for Horse Lovers.

Update your winter reading list and start reading!