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In feature subjects I pursue, I am attracted to the unexpected or untold story. What is the daily life of an equine surgeon like? What happens to draft horses too old or too injured to work? And, how far will a horse owner go to solve the puzzle of her beloved companion’s threatening and mysterious health condition? Read a selection of my work below and sign-up for NICKER NOTES for publication announcements and information about upcoming equine literature classes.


Catherine Keck was just a 10-year-old cowgirl when she snagged her first job as a range rider, moving cattle with her sisters and father across the rough country in the La Garita and San Juan mountain ranges outside Del Norte.

Diagnosed with choroid melanoma in the left eye at age 62, Marcy Bilynsky was advised by her doctor to get her life in order. Instead, she took aim at a second chance with the help of her horse, a bow and an arrow.

Marvel, a blue-eyed wild stallion, faced life in a holding pen and an uncertain future. Instead, he went to camp…Mustang Camp.

Much more than a racehorse, the gentle-natured Standardbred also pulls its weight under saddle in a variety of disciplines.

Much more than a racehorse, the gentle-natured Standardbred also pulls its weight under saddle in a variety of disciplines.

The artist’s steel depiction of Secretariat, “God’s Boy 31-2.24,” breathes new life into racing history.

Navigating today’s pre-purchase exam has come a long way, with many more options (and expenses) to choose from.

Bill is a USEF “S” dressage judge, a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist, and an esteemed member of the USDF Instructor/Trainer Program faculty. He was also recently certified as one of only eight USDF instructors at the FEI level.

First Place: Horse Care Single Article, circulation over 20,000
Third Place: Publishing Division

A diagnosis of headshaking can be a life sentence of pain to a horse and end any career for a rider. British and American researchers have been exploring different ways of “resetting” the trigeminal nerve through electrical stimulation. Learn more in my article on new treatments for headshaking in the Winter Equus Magazine. If your horse is a head shaker, the article will change your perspective!

A broodmare too old to produce. A failed racehorse prospect. A chronically lame workhorse. Each year, thousands of horses like these are sold at public auctions in the United States, exported to Canada or Mexico, and slaughtered for human consumption.

In Santa Fe, horses play central role in more than westerns.


Accidental ingestion of sand by horses may be harmless in many circumstances, but can also lead to the dangers of colic.

Slowing your speedy eater down at mealtime can help prevent issues such as choke and wasted feed

An outbreak of the Leishmaniasis parasite in a foxhound kennel threatens to decimate any pack. New research from the University of Iowa offers hope to foxhunts and their hounds across the country.

Catastrophic environmental events such as wildfires that diminish air quality and affect horses’ breathing might seem beyond human influence. We do have control, however, over the equine management choices we make daily about feed, bedding, ventilation, exercise, and veterinary care. Many of these decisions and strategies can help horses breathe easier during times of both crisis and calm. Here’s what you should know about protecting your horse’s respiratory health.

Huge advances in medical imaging help us see inside the horse so vets can diagnose and treat formerly mysterious injuries.

When the decision was made to euthanize Barbaro, the 2006 Kentucky Derby winner, the team of equine surgeons who had labored for eight months to bring the colt back to soundness and health lost a friend. But what is daily life like for the quintessential equine surgeon operating on horses without the glare of celebrity?

Headshaking or allergies? Join the odyssey to equine wellness.


When Emma Peek was born on Sept. 5, 1849, women lacked many of the rights they have today. They didn’t have the right to vote in the United States, and they couldn’t own property outside of marriage. But they could ride, and that’s just what Emma Peek did.

Honorable Mention: Feature Article circulation under 15,000

The Union Army’s victory in the Civil War ushered in freedom for thousands of enslaved African-Americans, yet, life in the war’s aftermath continued to be plagued with lynching, segregation, and prejudice for many especially in the east and south. The guns may have gone silent, but echoes of war still raged. Follow the story of the Buffalo Soldiers!

Established in 1935, as part of the Works Progress Administration, the Pack Horse Library Project provided books and magazines to rural Eastern Kentucky to broaden literacy in homes and schools. Horse history notes the librarians, mainly women who traversed rocky, remote, and muddy terrain fifty to eighty miles each week. In many cases, a visit from a packhorse librarian was a family’s only access to library service. Deep in an area where the only means of learning about cultures far beyond Appalachia, the Packhorse Librarians Project fostered much more than education and curiosity, the program gave birth to a mind’s flight.

The Literary Horse

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful because tea and horse books can keep you warm this holiday season. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for horsewomen in your life or want to assuage your own hunger for a horse book, these three books should be on your list.

Horse books claim their place in tween and teen personal libraries, but what happens when horse girls become women? Is the “horse bug” cured, or does it go into remission? If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for the horsewomen in your life or are hungry for a horse book that retraces your own youth and childhood with an adult eye and perspective, take a look at the following three reads.

Independent publishing continues to revolutionize how books are created, published, and read, and a corral of equine writers are blazing new trails.

Single-digit temperatures. Water trough skating rinks. Ice crystal whiskers. When a riding day becomes a reading day, brew another cup of coffee and start catching up on your reading.


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