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Equi-Libris, LLC connects my two dormant passions – writing and horses.

Unlike many other writers, I started writing, not in my childhood, but in my early thirties. Even though my college journalism professor had always needled me to be a writer, I resisted. Why? I mistakenly believed that writing was too passive to have undue influence on society. Instead, I pursued a twenty-year career in politics.

Writing is not the only dream I shelved. Though the horse bug bit me at age ten the lack of time, money, and motivation abandoned me after high school. After a twenty-year hiatus from the saddle and the breath of a horse, I rediscovered all that I loved at the age of forty.

As with any equine writer, in the beginning, I struggled to find my own niche. Obviously, horses are central to any equine content writer brand, but how could I distinguish myself from the herd? After a fair amount of rumination, I landed on the subjects of horse health and horse history. Health of both the horse and the human interests me and uncovering how horses crafted human history tantalized me.

Horses, Health, and History may be brand that works for your publication, website, or equine business. Please contact me if my writing style fits in your part of the equine world.

I Love to Dig Deep into a Story to Find Gems of Knowledge


Since my early school days, I’ve loved to answer questions through research. When other students groaned at the weight of any assignment requiring hours spent on the microfilm machine, roaming the stacks for reference material, or sifting through old, smelly papers and diaries, I was in a state of bliss.

Anytime the answer to a question stumps me, I reflexively turn on my research gene. Uncategorized and unorganized paper stacks do not daunt me. Scrolling through internet sites, separating the wheat from the chafe, energizes me. And, if I am required to read personal diaries or historical documents, you’ll find me humming in the library.

Don’t let your need for research overwhelm your publication, website, or business. I would be thrilled to lead you through the research mire to accomplish a polished written piece.

Learn and Explore the Literature of the Horse


As with many suggestions, a bottle of wine is involved. Before moving to Santa Fe, it had not occurred to me that I could facilitate literature courses. I use the word facilitate intentionally because I am not professionally trained as a teacher, a professor, or even an instructor.

Back to the bottle of wine! A couple of years ago, my husband and I were having dinner with two of our friends, one of whom taught classes at the local community college in the continuing education department.

During dinner, I agreed to submit a class proposal on the Horse in Memoir, Poetry, and Fiction. Must have been the wine talking!

Three years later, I have facilitated three different equine literature classes at the Santa Fe Community College. This winter, I spread my wings further and have been asked to offer a course on the Horse in Myth, Legend, and Fiction at the Corrales Arts Center, north of Albuquerque.

My new endeavor has allowed me to meet some tremendous people who bring their passion, horse knowledge, and intellect to our classrooms.

On many occasions, I am asked if I offer these courses on-line. I don’t offer courses online at the moment largely due to a lack of time. I also love the personal interaction the classroom offers. If you are reading this webpage and would like to see me offer my courses online, please email me and I’ll add you to my email list.

Stay tuned for updates about new classes and locations. And, if you are connected to an educational institution looking for new class ideas, please contact me on the contact page!

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