Equi-Libris LLC is a culmination of connecting my love of horses with the love of writing.

I am an award-winning equine writer and journalist. My brand, Horses, Health, and History allows me flexibility in topics of interest. I follow curiosities, obsessions, and untold stories hidden beneath the surface. I strive for compelling imagery on the page with the intention of sparking a reader’s own reflection about the Horse. On the Features page, readers will find articles about horse health, profiles of well-known equestrians, and stories in horse history.

In the recent past, I facilitated courses about horses in memoir, fiction, and poetry. I introduce students to writing about how horses heal the physical bodies, the emotional spirit, and how the horse can be our mirror on the page. I explored myths and legends with the horse as the central story of mysticism. Along the way, I learn how others see the world of the horse.

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Misty Beginnings

A Welsh Cob mare with a barrel and attitude of a very, very naughty Thelwell pony I sat on Misty in the yard of a Felixstowe stable. True, sitting on the back of a horse was not a strange event, but when Misty’s owner started to lead the bored mare across the yard my entire world changed. I succumbed to the Horse.

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Running to Run

Two years after sitting atop Misty my parents reluctantly accepted that my equine obsession was not a phase and bought me my first horse named Dino. A full-blooded Arabian, Dino suffered from neglect and sometimes abuse.  A refugee from human contact for nearly a year, Dino was both talented and misunderstood.

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Slaying Demons

I burst into tears the day I signed the ownership papers for Wallero. The tears were not tears of happiness but regret. I knew in my heart that I had made the wrong decision to buy Wallero. Prone to fearful and dangerous outbursts when his only instinct was to run, Wallero’s demons defined him.

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My Irish Poet (Rebel!)

D’arcy’s hard-working, earnest, and loving demeanor charmed me from the start. Originally trained to be an event horse, D’arcy adapted to the demands of dressage and exhibited patience with his novice rider. From the start, I knew D’arcy was my forever horse. Little did I realize we would be each other’s healing lifeline.

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Many thanks to stewards of horse health and equine literature!

Warmest thanks to Anna Sochocky for her time & interest for her lovely written article of my Steel Mosaic Gods Boy 31-2.24 Secretariat sculpture for the Equestrian life magazine Untacked. Warm thank you to our great friend Justin Frank for being part of the article and for describing how he created of all the thousands of miniature steel Secretariats. And a very honoured and special thank you to the one and only Ron Turcotte who rode Secretariat … he kindly was also part of this special article and his input for this piece was so special.

One of Ron’s quotes in this article …

“There will never be another Secretariat …. I called him the Iron horse and now he has been made of Iron because of Nigel.”

These words will resonate with me forever more.

Nigel Fennell

Farrier & Equine Sculptor

More words of praise…