Ho, Ho, Ho Horse Books

Timing is everything, and the timing of a virtual bookstore for horse lovers and readers couldn’t be better!

The Bookstore for Horse Lovers is the brainchild of author Heather Wallace and her herd mate, Cady Kade, to highlight both independently and traditionally published authors with an equine twist. In addition to being a writer, Carly Kade hosts an Equestrian Authors Podcast!

Horse book lovers have often been marginalized as a niche in the publishing industry. Horse lovers know differently! Independently published equine authors are leading a revolution in reading.

The Bookstore for Horse Lovers features fiction, nonfiction, memoirs, photographers, children’s writers, planners, and workbooks focused on horses! Readers can search authors by categories, read their biographies, follow them on social media, AND, best of all, click on BUY BOOKS to purchase!

I had the pleasure to interview Heather and Cady, and other equine writers, for an article published in the October issue of Horse Illustrated. Heather also wrote a piece about the virtual bookstore for Horse Illustrated.

The year 2020 challenged all of us. Lockdowns, social distancing, too many hours spent on Zoom, and not seeing our family and friends took an unimaginable toll. The last three weeks of December and the first couple of months of 2021 aren’t shaping up to be expected for any of us.

Books introduce us to places we might want to experience when it’s safe to travel. Books release the pressure value, too. The holiday season looms. Online shopping continues to break records due in part to the COVID pandemic. I’ve been buying from local businesses both in my community and those where friends live.

So many inspirations come to me with The Bookstore for Horse Lovers. Not only can I buy a book written by an author that understands my love of horses, BUT I can support a local business, author, entrepreneur directly. How cool is that?!

To actually KEEP my New Year’s resolutions, I start around Thanksgiving. I like to build in a fudge factor! This year, as I anticipate limited movement until the COVID crisis starts to wane and the vaccine arrives in my state, I am pledging to buy and read five new horse owners I discovered on The Bookstore for Horse Lovers!

I have three holiday challenges for you! 

One:  Buy a horse friend one book written by an author on The Bookstore for Horse Lovers!

Two:  Buy a horse friend one book written by an author on The Bookstore for Horse Lovers!

Three:  Contact three of your horsey friends and ask them to subscribe to Nicker Notes!