Welcome the New and Improved Equi-Libris, LLC Website

Welcome to the launch of the new and improved Equi-Libris, LLC website! My name is Anna Sochocky, and I am thrilled to share my new website with articles, blog posts, and photo galleries about Horses, Health, and History!

I debated what the name of my new blog should be, and as with many quandaries, my horse offered me a solution. My horse is quite vocal and demonstrates his talents each morning by greeting me with a nicker that sounds like it originates from the earth’s core.

Hence, the first word in the title of my blog is Nicker!

Ideally, blog posts are the size of notes that you jot down on paper. Not annals. Not chronicles. But Notes!

Nicker Notes was born!

I created this blog not simply to showcase my work as a writer and equine literature instructor but to spark readers’ imaginations and curiosities, provide cutting-edge information about horses, health, and history.  I hope to inspire you to join me on our shared path featuring the Horse.

Sign-up is easy! Complete the Mail Chimp Sign Up Form. Pack your metaphorical passport and take flight to discover Horses, Health, and History!