Staying Put, Staying Safe, Staying Well

Near the end of February, I launched a freshly designed Equi-Libris website. Excited and inspired by the incredible work of EquiLuxe Marketing on the site redesign, I seized the reins with vigor, ready to blog and write about horses, health, and history.

Then, our collective world exploded with COVID-19, and our daily lives inexplicably changed. Our To-Do lists shrunk to the essentials. Buying groceries. Gassing up in case of an emergency. Facing illness in our own families and people we love.

We are in the midst of a historical moment, a moment that will shape our behaviors, our fears, and our joys long past the time this virulent and dangerous virus is eradicated.

Like thousands of others around this country and the world, my barn followed the lead of governors and prime ministers, presidents, and administrators. It implemented strict social distancing guidelines and safety measures.

Our health is paramount, but so is the well-being of our horses.

Equestrian facilities are considered essential businesses in many states. Horses can’t feed themselves though many of our cherished equines may try!

Equine magazines like Equus and The Horse have met the challenge, too.

Equus Magazine analyzed whether equine coronavirus, a disease that primarily affects a horse’s digestive system rather than respiratory, is an emerging threat for horse owners. Coronavirus: An emerging threat?

The Horse Magazine published an excellent piece about how COVID-19 has affected our lives with our horses. A War Sans Cavalry: Horse Ownership in the Age of COVID-19

The Equine Disease Communication Center launched an online equine coronavirus and COVID-19 resources portal. Coronavirus Disease Resources and Updates

AAEP regularly updates COVID-19 guidelines for our veterinarians. COVID-19 Resources for Veterinarians

The volume of information, both human and equine, floods our inboxes each day. Go easy on your media consumption and be selective.

COVID-19 protocols breathe urgency, but so does taking a moment to be with your horse. Listen to teeth grinding hay. Welcome the nose nudge when you are cleaning tack. Rejoice at the sound of licking and chewing. Stay put for a moment and breathe.

This morning, as I pulled out of the stable yard, I stopped to watch my horse and his buddy groom each other. No social distancing necessary in the field!

Our separation and isolation from each other will change our physical, psychological, and social selves, but COVID-19 doesn’t have to harden our hearts.

Stay put, stay safe, stay well.