Staying put breeds new interests

Are you on week two, three, or five with staying at home? Are you and your horse chomping at the proverbial bit, desperate to escape your boredom and anxiety?

Even though I work from home, I found myself challenged by the isolation, too. That said, also though our closets, refrigerators, and file cabinets may be so tidy, Martha Stewart would blush, the monotony of our new daily lives needs a boot.

Add to this; if your barn is operating under a social distancing protocol that rivals your herd’s pasture dance, your horse may be feeling the activity pinch, too.

I have ideas that may ease the social distancing foxtrot for both of you.

  1. Bake a batch of horse cookies.
    Your intention to bake your homemade horse cookies may be as old as those skinny breeches in the back of your closet. Staples like carrots, apples, oats, flour, and molasses feature in recipes for horse cookies, so get baking!
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  2. Take your training virtual!
    With online learning, the ‘new normal’ enhance your training techniques at home with discipline-specific portals. No risk of injury! Pajamas allowed.
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  3. Test your equine health knowledge
    Veterinarians are front-line workers for the horse community. Social distancing placed limits on care but not education. Bone up on symptoms, treatments, and new research and be better prepared in the future.
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  4. Get your crafty groove on!
    Horseshoe collection gathering dust? Wrinkled ribbons taking up space? Can’t shop for a birthday present? Turn used horse-related items into a work of art and tackle your clutter at the same time!
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  5. What’s your horse’s story? The Protector? The Bossy One? The Fearful One? The Overachiever? The Playful One? Discover your horse on the page by writing its biography. Mine your memories and turn your relationship into a story.

Cheers, Anna