Equine vets in the age of COVID

COVID refuses to release its grip on the world.

Social distancing halted barn socializing.

Hand sanitizer is as important as tack cleaner.

How many masks do you have in your truck?!

Ten months into the pandemic, remembering to foll0w safe practices at the barn can be a challenge.

The AAEP created a fantastic infographic for barn safety tips during the age of COVID. Horse owners play an important role in equine facilities daily. Simple steps keep our barn buddies safe.



In high-risk areas, equine vets request online appointments. Medical and pharmaceutical supply chains face delays. COVID protocols differ between facilities.

The American Medical Veterinary Association‘s website highlights an interactive map of the COVID numbers and veterinary practices.

The first COVID vaccine was approved yesterday. Shipping companies are already in overdrive with distributi0n plans. Life changed. Life will continue to change for us, our horses, and our vets.

Let’s give the gift of good health to our vets this year.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay horsey!

Cheers, Anna