What’s Your Horse’s Story?

In our own lives, we carry memories and experiences shaping our personalities and choices. These days, we purchase and sell horses across state lines and international borders, shipping equines by freight, by plane, and by a trailer.

Imagine if you met someone new and could not recount your own life experiences, fears, and pleasures? Your life, vibrant and full to yourself, exist in a world not your own.

All horse owners and lovers recognize that horses have their own unique personalities and can identify the bossy one, the protector, the fearful one, and the playful one just by observing their behaviors.

Are you a reader, a writer, a horse lover?

Horsetography: Writing Your Horse’s Story is the name of a class I instructed at the local community college and one that I hope to take online this year.

What is Horsetography, you ask?!

Horsetography unpeels your horse’s personality by exploring your horse’s power and majesty, authenticity, and intuition on the page. Class participants write from experience or memory, imagination, or myth. Students build a bond with their own horse’s story using memoir, poetry, and fictional genres.

Email me on my contact page and let me know if you would consider taking an online Horsetography course!

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