Biosecurity truly equals social distancing

Ninety percent plus of our country’s population is living under a stay-at-home order. Each of us minces around grocery stores marked with reminders to stay six feet apart from each other.

Stress builds, yet, local gyms remain shuttered. Governor orders prohibit us from traveling, yet, gasoline prices plummet.

Mitigation and isolation define our safety.

Any horse owner living through an infectious outbreak in their barn or community understands the value of bio-security protocols already. We isolate sick horses from the herd and limit who has access to an infected horse. Regular handwashing is our mantra. Monitoring temperatures of both ill and healthy horses help us evaluate any spread.

Restricting entry and mobility of horses features in any effective biosecurity practices, a lesson all of us are learning with the coronavirus-19 pandemic. Larger breeding barns or facilities with multiple show competitors where horses are coming and going require stricter health guidelines.

Don’t be caught flatfooted. Biosecurity should be a way of life. If your plan is non-existent or needs an update, why not revise your procedures before your barn suffers an outbreak.

Take some time to peruse these links. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home.

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